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Riverview Dental | Dentures in Corunna

Paul R. Kuhlman, DDS
Dirk G. Rennick, DDS

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Riverview Dental in Corunna MI

These days fewer and fewer people need to wear full dentures thanks to implant technology. However, if you suffer from broken, badly decayed or missing teeth, dentures may be a good choice.

There are two types of complete dentures, conventional and immediate. A conventional denture is the type that would be used to replace an existing denture or when the teeth are already missing. In many cases, as people age and dentures wear, they can become loose and have a poor fit. This can cause sore spots and problems chewing or even keeping the denture in place. Not to mention the unwanted years that can be added to your appearance. A new, custom fit, conventional denture can restore a youthful appearance and look as natural as your real teeth…or even better! The denture is made thru a series of impressions that are taken and processed by a lab. The entire process takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

An immediate denture is one that is placed the same day the teeth are extracted. It is made in much the same fashion as a conventional denture, but takes 8-12 weeks to complete. When teeth are extracted and the healing process begins, to take place, the denture acts as a “bandage”. Some initial swelling will occur and help to “mold” the denture to the shape of the bone, helping the long term fit of the denture. However, as the healing continues, the swelling will recede and the bone will very slowly begin to shrink. This often causes the denture to become loose, requiring several adjustments and refits throughout the first year.

Corunna Dentist | Dentures. Dr. Paul Kuhlman and Dr. Dirk Rennick is a Corunna Dentist.