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Bad Breathe (Halitosis) Therapy


Clinical studies have shown that the vast majority of bad breath originates in the mouth (not stomach) and particularly on the back of the tongue. Bacteria and food particles get lodged in the grooves and crevices of the tongue and decompose, emitting foul smelling gases called "volatile sulfur compounds", or bad breath.

Though it is not something we like to discuss, bad breath is a very common problem. Unfortunately, breath mints and mouthwashes simply mask or cover up bad breath for only about 10 minutes. The Fresh Breath Program can work up to four to six hours and can be repeated as necessary.


The Fresh Breath Program consists of two products, a tongue scraper and a rinse. The tongue scraper physically removes bacteria from the tongue. The rinse, which contains chlorine dioxide, kills the bacteria associated with this problem. This along with proper brushing and flossing and regular cleanings is the best way we know to get this problem under control!

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