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Paul R. Kuhlman, DDS
Dirk G. Rennick, DDS

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Riverview Dental in Corunna MI

If you are considering a tooth extraction, thought should be given to how you plan to restore the tooth. For example, do you plan to use a dental implant or fixed bridge? If you plan to restore the tooth in some manner, then you must preserve the site where the tooth was extracted. If not, then the alveolar ridge, or jawbone, will degenerate, along with the tissue surrounding it. What this means is that there must be some specific action to preserve the extraction site, so that you can restore it after the extraction.  

While there are many options to prevent this degeneration, you need to consider them before you extract the tooth. Failure to consider these options will severely limit the restorative options available to you. For example, a severely degenerated jawbone will not support a dental implant, and then you may have to opt for a fixed bridge instead.

What we do know is that failure to preserve the extraction site will cause additional bone degeneration, shifting teeth and an irregular bite.  If you have failed to preserve the site, bone grafting is a possibility.


Extractions are the last step any dentist wants to take. However when it has been determined that a tooth is non restorable, you can trust the experience of our dentists here at Riverview Dental.

Our dentists here have over 50 years of combined experience in removing teeth. They successfully removed thousands of teeth ranging from the simplest to some of the most complex extractions, including wisdom teeth.

We can make your visit as comfortable as possible using Nitrous Oxide and our Relaxation method, leaving you with little to no discomfort. Making your visit comfortable and worry free.

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Corunna Dentist | Extractions. Dr. Paul Kuhlman and Dr. Dirk Rennick is a Corunna Dentist.